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5th Wheel and Gooseneck Towing Equipment DrawTite, Reese, B&W, PullRite and Curt



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5th Wheel Towing Equipment Gooseneck Towing Equipment






Turnoverballâ„¢ - Gooseneck Hitch

A hitch when you need it... a level bed when you don't. The B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch converts to a level bed in seconds. 


Designed for durability, DrawTite Fifth Wheel Hitches are recognized across the industry for their leadership in design innovation, manufacturing quality, and advanced features, providing a great overall towing experience, and many years of reliable service. From our recently up-rated and time tested 15K model to our new Pro-Series(TM) design, DrawTite Fifth Wheel Hitches deliver a secure and trouble-free towing experience.

The heart of the DrawTite Fifth Wheel Hitch is the Universal Rail Kit, a DrawTite innovation. It strengthens the vehicle frame and easily allows the hitch to be removed from the truck bed when not in use. Simply remove four pull pins, leaving the entire bed available for maximum cargo capacity. This rail system also allows for the flexibility to upgrade your hitch should your future towing needs change.



Under-Bed Gooseneck by DrawTite
This product is designed to mount under the truck bed for use with a gooseneck trailer. A 3-1/2" hole in the truck bed is required for installation and operation. The ball is stored upside down in the hitch when not used, with a magnetic cover to keep dirt and debris out.


Fold-Down & Remov-A-Ball
These units mount on top of an under bed rail system. The ball is either removed or folded down for easy access. These units offer additional convenience and save time.




A 5th wheel trailer hitch is designed to mount into a pickup truck bed and receive a kingpin from a 5th wheel trailer. Much like the design of a semi truck, a 5th wheel hitch features a large, generally flat coupler head that latches onto the kingpin using a set of locking jaws. Being mounted in the back of a pickup, between the axles, this type of hitch can handle much more weight than a standard trailer hitch, up to 24,000 lbs. 5th wheel hitches also provide a wider turn radius and overall smoother ride. Though a 5th wheel takes up more room in the truck bed when installed, it mounts to the vehicle using a set of brackets and rails that allow the main 5th wheel assembly to be removed whenever necessary, without much effort.







Spherical bearing allows head to move in all directions



Extra wide head opening with dual jaws that wrap around the kingpin



Coupling indicators, visible from inside the cab, indicate coupling status



A gooseneck hitch is designed to handle the heavy tow load that accompanies a gooseneck trailer. Trailers of this sort typically come in the form of an RV or livestock trailer but can also include other large trailers such as flatbeds. Like a 5th wheel hitch, a gooseneck hitch mounts into the bed of a pickup truck using a special installation kit or set of brackets. In addition to their high towing capacity, gooseneck hitches are appreciated for their tighter turn radius capabilities and subtle presence in the truck bed.


Original Equipment (OEM) Compatible


Original Equipment Compatible

Folding Ball


Folding Ball,

Double Lock


Double Lock

Quick Goose II


Quick Goose II

Fixed Ball


Fixed Ball




PullRite has been designing and manufacturing extraordinary hitches for over 30 years. We are recognized as the leading innovator in the design and manufacture of fifth wheel hitches, short-bed truck hitches and travel trailer hitches.

PullRite strives to go beyond expectations in developing new technology, crafting quality products with care and providing superior customer service. We've combined skilled engineering and ingenuity to make the safest, strongest hitch you can find. We also maintain the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship in our US facilities. When you purchase a PullRite hitch, you can be assured that you will have a well-engineered, reliable product, as well as the peace of mind provided by the family of PullRite dealers.

A Critical Link

Your hitch is the most important connection - the critical link - between your truck and trailer. Protect your investment, secure your safety and tow more comfortably by choosing a better hitch. Whether you need a hitch for full-size pickup, short bed truck or SUV, PullRite has a SAFER, STRONGER, BETTER designed hitch for you.